Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Late Winter Bloom Day

Early March 2017
Mid March 2017

This is my favorite spot in the garden in the late winter/early spring.  It was an unplanned area that morphed in to quite a nice view from my kitchen window this time of year. 

April 2013

The original owners of the house had placed the two camellias in full sun.   Every summer the leaves were badly scalded by the sun.  The poor things were slowly dying out there in the bright, hot sun.  I moved them to this mostly shady location under the canopy of some loblolly pine trees and they love it.  Next came the bird house a few years later. The white bird house really makes the red flowers on the camellias pop (accidental color combo, of course).  Finally, spirea 'Ogon' was planted four years ago.  The color combo of the dark, glossy green camellia leaves and the chartreuse 'Ogon' leaves is beautiful throughout the year.  The tall stature of the camellias flanking the weepiness of 'Ogon' is also an eye pleasing design.  'Ogon' bloomed its snowy white profusion of flowers a few weeks ago (see the earlier March post) which led in to the camellias bloom time.  Succession planting and good color combinations year round.  A gardeners delight!  Now, as I get back to gardening after four years, I am thinking of what else to add to this area.  Certainly some early bulbs like grape hyacinths and crocus would be useful to draw your eye down to ground level.

Other blooms in the garden:

Thank you Carol for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day at  May Dreams Garden.

Monday, March 13, 2017

In a Vase Monday....

Camellia cut from the garden on a freezing rain day in Williamsburg, Virginia.  High temp: 45.  Low temp: 41.  Follow other In A Vase Monday bloggers hosted by Rambling in the Garden